Cuttings Choice is a United States company that was created by Ana Trejo its founder.One of our most important services is finding and bringing to market new, robust and commercially viable horticultural plants. Primarily this is done through current suppliers who have ongoing breeding programs to produce new and improved plant material. We are also constantly looking for completely new plants on the market or new uses for old plants. We can work through our network of suppliers, breeders, universities, and old friends in the industry to find plants that may be rare but are commercially available.




Good communication skills are crucial to doing business. We have a large group of salespeople who are knowledgeable in the field and a team of dedicated office professionals using the most modern equipment and technology available today. This website is an example of our reaction to the need for speedy communications. Our “Site Specials” page has material offers that you need to move on quickly. This is a good opportunity to buy young plant material at special prices or hard-to-find material available. The availability page is also a great source for up-to-the-minute stuff. Our “Availabilities” page will change daily, so be sure to check back regularly.